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Attic Moisture

We are your Moisture Damage Specialists!  We help homeowners protect agains moisture damage.  Some times, we are too late.  In those situations we help homeowners fully assess their damage and quickly implement repairs.  We also help to prevent future moisture related problems. 

Moisture Damage

Moisture damage can be a costly result of poor attic insulation and stagnant attic air.  Moisture build-up can weaken your roof rafters, sheathing, wall components, and flooring systems. In colder climates, during winter months, moisture and condensation can result in ice dams.  Ice dams form at the edge of your roof and over time can destroy your roof, gutters, and all adjacent structuresDaily activities generate moisture that can pass into your attic. The resulting condensation may also cause mold, mildew, and wood rot. The average family generates 2-4 gallons of water vapor per day.

Good Insulation will help control heat transfer into your attic. But insulation alone is not enough. You also need good air circulation in your attic, year round.  Proper ventilation and air circulation in your attic will keep moisture levels low and prevent condensation.

The right combination of insulation and attic ventilation will prevent attic moisture from ever becoming a problem.  If you live in a humid or sub-zero climate, you should have your home inspected for moisture problems, at least once per year.

Moisture Control and Ventilation

Most people think that moisture is only a consideration in the humid summer or during raining seasons. But this is not true. In the winter, particularly here in the Midwest where we experience very cold temperatures requiring us to run our heating systems round the clock for months. The warm air that is generated to keep living areas comfortable will eventually rise to your attic. Your attic insulation we help to resist some of that heat, but not all of it. When the hot air rises into your cold attic space and mixes with stagnant cold air and cold surfaces resulting moist air. This moisture can condense and become liquid causing havoc in your attic space.

We recommend a powered attic fan with a humidstat ontroller.  The humidistat control will monitor your attic for humidity, year round, and activate the fan to ventilate your attic when humidity levels rise to an undesirable level.

Moisture can seep outward causing ice dams and other costly problems as well. Proper attic ventilation can help prevent problems, while helping to keep you energy cost low and your family comfortable!

Moisture & Insulation

ice dams photo

Insulation is an important component in an energy efficient home, but only if it functions properly. Wet insulation loses most of its ability to resist migrant heat, in other words it does not do a proper job of insulating. If you have wet insulation in your attic space, do NOT insulate over it. You could be creating more problems for yourself over time.

As moisture builds up in your attic space the condensation eventually settles on your insulation. Wet insulation also creates a breeding ground for mold. The moisture and mold can spread to underlying flooring, walls, joists, etc. The spread of moisture and mold can eventually deteriorate the integrity of your structure or worse create health problems for occupants.

Moisture & Mold  

We are not a mold mitigation company but we work with the best in the business.  If you detect or suspect mold anywhere in your home, especially in your attic space, you need to contact a mold professional immediately.  We highly recommend the following mold experts. 

You can reach them here:

MOLD SOLUTIONS                              GUARDIAN MOLD PREVENT

Contact: Ed Maholovich                                 Contact: Dan Redden 
Telephone: 630-667-7408                               Telephone: 866.681.6653

 Mold can cause sickness, disease, and can be life threatening to those suffering from mold spore allergies. Don’t take any chances.  Call today!


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